Monday, 31 August 2009

Mood: Pensive.

In between 'Goodbye's.

I took a moment to myself to breathe over an iced Chai Tea Late at Starbucks on New Street, Birmingham.
Just before I dug into my gym bag for my new literary interest, 'The Time Travellers' Wife'...
my attention was caught...

by the most beautiful nape.

Yes, nape. The back of the neck.
I have a particular affection for this part of the body.

Which is really annoying, in a sense, because mine is draped in flaws.
Principally being.
The hairy neck situation.

More on that later.

Back in the old days, when people wouldn't mistake me for a boy/ extra on the 'L Word' and I had never suffered from cold ears in the wind, I had the weirdest obsession with how the back of my head looked.

How is this weird?!
To me, it's the equivalent of people wondering if their bum looks good in their jeans.
Only on your head...


I've read that the nape, along with the inner wrist and the ankle are meant to be areas of the body which show a person's sensuality most subtly.
I love that idea.
Smoking was deemed sexy due to the person's display of their wrists as they raised their hands to their mouths....
Ladies in long dresses would flash a bit of ankle flesh, and dazzle the gentlemen into submission...
The classic example.

Subtle sensuality and sexuality.
Something completely left behind by modern culture.

I never saw his face.
Didn't need to.
And yes, his bum did look good in those jeans, too.


... Does my nape look big in this?

*Sudden realisation that I *do* look like a boy from the back.

One with a hairy neck.



  1. You might look like less of a boy if you weren't wearing a shirt that looks like you'd stolen it from a lumberjack. Just sayin'.


  2. I don't know how to reply to that comment without sounding lame.
    So I won't even try.
    BURN to my favourite shirt! And even if I were wearing a pink frilly dress I would look like a boy from the back in that too.
    Why am I defending my... androgyny? haha.