Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The One with Lists

  1. Cholet, France. The one permanent place in my life, Memie's house
  2. Bribee Island, Australia. Which I don't remember at all.
  3. Boston, USA. House 1. AKA the 'lollipop house' because we lived next to a roundabout. We had a basketball court on our property where the infamous 'dead mouse' incident occured. Turtles that came up from the creek at the back of the garden and made nests in the flower beds - we rescued them in massive plastic tubs and left them further up river.
  4. Boston, USA. House 2. (or was it House 1?) The house with the daffodils around it...
  5. Bourne End, UK. House 1. Where I was petrified of the ghosts in my bed room and had to sleep in the exact middle of the bed otherwise 'they' would get me. Next to the park where I nearly ran over a grass snake with my bicycle and thought I was ever so brave.
  6. Bourne End, UK. House 2. As most of you know, this is the 'Fawlty Towers' house; the property was built on the site where Fawlty Towers was filmed (and later burned down by an arson attack) (Fawlty Towers site, that is). I loved this house. The ping-pong table in the garage, my study, the living room and the place where I used to sit to practice my drum routines on plastic basins.
  7. Bangkok, Thailand. House 1. Middle of nowhere, right next to the Japanese school. A house I'm glad to have little/ no memories of.
  8. Bangkok, Thailand. House 2. 8 years. The first time I was shown my bedroom I measured its size by how many cartwheels I could do in a row in it (I used to be fit) - 3. I opened the curtains in my room about 3 times during all that time... something to do with how messy it was.
  9. Tennis Courts, Birmingham University. Welcome to your independence, Isa. The wall where I put up pictures and memories of everything, watching people playing footie on the grass outside, dreading the walk to Shackleton for dinner. Best. Year. Ever.
  10. Selly Oak, Birmingham. House 1. Room on the 3rd floor. 5 other flatmates. The really comfy couches, not having a clock in my room and telling time by looking at Old Joe from my bedroom window.
  11. Plume IS, Tokyo. THE LOUNGE. Never using the tiny kitchen area in my room. The bathroom being so small I couldn't shower fully standing up for a year. Some of the best conversations of my life happened in Plume. Webcaming with Ellen.
  12. Mishima, Shizuoka. Only 2 months, but definately the place where I grew up the most. Full independence - work, private life, life. Mum coming to visit and her being on holiday while I went to work. Seeing Mnt Fuji from the office on a clear day.
  13. Selly Oak, Birmingham. House 2. Where I'm writing this. Smallest bedroom of the house but it's mine. CD covers on the wall, 10 library books on my left. Shoes. This is not the place for productivity.
Which is why 14 is set to be Manly, Sydney, Australia.

The next 4 weeks and a half.
  1. 4 Essays - Dissertation, Group Business to Business Marketing Essay, Group Strategic Management Report, Human Resource Management Essay.
  2. 3 Presentations - Strategic Management report on Ryanair - which we will salvage through the use of controversial YouTube videos and free chocolate, 2 Japanese presentations. 20 mins each. On anything. Ouch.
  3. 1 exam. Japanese writing exam. In 10 days. 8 articles' worth of Kanji and vocabulary to learn by then.
All to be closer to a Bachelor degree. Not to mention the 5 exams I'll have after Easter.

3. People I know whose birthday is on the same day as mine. Strangely, I'm the only one who knows this. Come on Facebook, get your act together.

7943. Times I check Facebook a day.

2. Graduate programes I applied to but are now cancelled because of the recession.

475. Facebook friends.

10. Facebook friends I'm frequently in touch with and really 'know'.

14. Hours of music I listen to a day.

500. Free minutes on my phone contract a month.

13. Minutes I actually spent on my phone last month.

11. Number of flights I went on during 3 month summer break in 2006.

7. Hours of class I have a week.

5. Months since I last saw Maman.

5. Months until I next see Maman. (Tu. Me. Manques.)

78. Minutes it took me to write this blog.

7.30. Alarm for tomorrow morning.



  1. i read your lists while eating my breakfast. now i am trying to think of some of my own. it is not working. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. nice list isa! sounds like you are keeping busy with everything. haha, the small bathrooms in plume made me laugh. and the small kitchens lol.

  3. House 8, best memories ever. I can picture it so clearly even now, every detail. The magazine cuttings around the dressing table and the dust I always got on my nose by pressing it against the kitchen flyscreen and the door of the haunted bathroom slowly swinging open. I know it may be a sad house in some ways but it's also the house of Tarzan: the computer game and lazy movie afternoons and late-night teenage giggles and Aqua.

    Also, ha, I'm watching Friends with Izzi right now. What a nostalgic moment this is.

  4. Thanks everyone :) I'll try and sort myself to make vlogs/ post pictures that will embarrass all the right people :D

  5. I share my birthday with Peter Andre. xxx