Thursday, 26 February 2009

Recession Shmecession

So it's officially happened.
I am no longer waiting for replies from companies with regards to my job applications.
I have been rejected from everything/ or have been put down as an applicant for 2010... or whenever the graduate programme starts up again.
Bloody, bloody recession.

It's kind of refreshing actually, because that means that Australia is now a definate... and there is no longer the "what-if-I-get-an-amazing-job-offer-in-the-UK" possibility to contend with.
So thankyou, Recession, for confirming at least something in my future. If it is the certainty of 'nothing' in the UK.
At least for now.

So, Recession. This one's for you.

Angry Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake thing) says "Stick it".

In other news. Driving.
What. Is. Up. With. The. UK. System?!
- Applying for a provisional license at the Post Office - 2 weeks later call my new friend James at the Birmingham Driving School to start classes with a semi intensive course - apply for theory and practical tests which take 2 weeks and 6 weeks respective waiting time before being accepted for even taking the tests...
- Which means that we're looking at having completed the whole... caffufle... in 12-14 weeks.
Easy, right?

As for flights... for the moment I've set my mind on the 20th July.
I'll graduate between the 10-17th July... so it makes sense really...

So that's all the official news on Plan-Australia out of the way.... Next stop, why I'm right and you're wrong.

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  1. angry okonomikyaki!!! i remember him!!

    can i ask? how much is this driving malarky costing you. i feel i should really be getting on with it myself...